Super Bowl Bet

The Super Bowl is the single most viewed game in the United States every year.  Wing joints sell out weeks in advance, Super Bowl parties take place on every block and you would be hard pressed to find someone out on the streets not watching the game.  The excitement surrounding the game is infectious and to make the game even more exciting many viewers will place Super Bowl bets.

The best place to bet on the Super Bowl is online at a trusted and reputable sportsbook.  Setting up an online betting account only takes a minute and the top sportsbooks will have Super Bowl related promotions that you can take advantage of.  The Super Bowl and sports betting go together hand in hand.  At your Super Bowl party look around the room, the chances are that at least 1 in 3 of those people have some money on the game.

Where To Place Your Super Bowl Bet

The Super Bowl is the single most bet on event of the year and it is when the most new bettors sign up accounts at an online sportsbook so you are not alone. There are only two teams playing in the Super Bowl, which leaves 30 teams have been eliminated. The chances are you don’t have too much allegiance to either team, but placing a Super Bowl bet can create that allegiance and make the game much more exciting to watch!

Types of Super Bowl Bets

There are countless betting options for Super Bowl bettors, it is actually surprising how many different types of Super Bowl bets there are for just one game.  Of course you still have the moneyline bet, which involves simply wagering on which team will win the game.  And you still have the spread bet, but the spread is usually pretty small because both teams have shown they are capable of winning.  The real fun comes when you start looking at the Super Bowl prop bets.  You can literally bet on any aspect of the game.  Some examples include over/unders on things like a QB’s passing yards, a teams total sacks, and how many points are scored in the first quarter.  Then there are also the ridiculous Super Bowl prop bets like how many times the coach will be shown on the big screen, which player touches the Vince Lombardi trophy first and of course which team wins the coin flip.  Check out the Super Bowl betting options for yourself and you will be amazed.

Super Bowl Betting Tips

  • Don’t Go Crazy – There are so many things to bet on for the Super Bowl that it is easy to get carried away and place a ton of bets.  I suggest you look at all the bets, analyze them and then only bet on the few that you think are most likely.
  • Look For Sharp Prop Bets – The fact that there are so many prop bets can also be a good thing for bettors.  This means that there are that many more betting lines to find value in.  Go through the prop bets, especially the ones related to stats and figure out if any of them are very likely.  Some sportsbooks will be so focused on offering every betting option under the sun that they may not make the best lines and you can take advantage of this.

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